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I can cut logs up to 18' in length and 39" in diameter. The band saw blade kerf will produce more lumber per log than the traditional circular sawmills. My daily production varies but, a verage about 1,800 board feet per day. I can mill any species of wood, dried or green, into any dimension desired.

Charges (Note: A board foot of dimensional lumber).

    Setup fee - $75

    Softwoods - .33 cents/bf

    Hardwoods - .42 cents/bf

  • Materials less than 1 inch thick - .37 cents (Softwood) .46 cents (Hardwood)
  • Quarter sawn on hardwoods is - .51

    Specialty cutting $75 an hour

Quarter sawn lumber is used to remove the heart wood or limit the hardwood, so you end up with straight boards. It's a tedious task, but can be worth it. I only travel 35 miles from my shop .

VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!! (log preparation must be completed before sawmill arrives.)

  • Log must be 12" across or greater at the small end. Max is 39"
  • Cutting the logs to the desired length
  • Moving the logs to one central location
  • Positioning the logs parallel to each other
  • Centering the logs lengthwise
  • Placing the logs on skids so easy rolling from skids to hydraulic loaders
  • Removing dirt and stones from the logs if dragged through mud or sand
  • Site access, mill is 32FT long plus the hauler
Customer is responsible for blade damage or breakage caused by foreign objects (Nail, Stones, Metal, etc) in the logs. Our blade fees are:
  • Damaged Blade: $10
  • Broken Blade: $25
Cost can change depending on operational costs. If board footage cannot be determined by computer, then we will scale the logs using the doyle scale. Logs smaller than 12 inches across will need to be moved or charge hourly rate. Dog spike stops at 12" and hard to clamp the log without backing or extender, log can jump, bolt, etc.

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