What We Do

We are a small homestead located in the northernmost part of the Adirondack Park. Our goal is to be sustainable, while focusing on organic practices when cultivating our land and raising livestock. Although we are smaller in scale, we do have multiple services to offer our community: manure delivery, various sizes of lumber, portable sawmill services, and wood chip delivery. In addition to these, we also have a small farm-stand, where we sell extra produce from our large, organic garden and fresh eggs from our free-range chickens. In the next couple of months, we will slowly be implementing technology on the homestead to allow people to view our livestock and some of the wildlife critters coming and going on our picturesque property. Stay tuned for this exciting new experience!


Who We Are

We are a small family with a big dream of becoming more self-reliant, while using more natural principles with our growing processes. We use natural fertilizers, organic seeds, and forego any harsh chemicals in our pest deterrent processes. We believe that our food should be in its purest form and want to ensure that our family, as well as our community members have clean, healthy options.


Our Work

Natural Living, Logs into Lumber, Sugar from trees, Orchards and Bees, Fish, Live Stock, Farming and land. Vegetables berries and fruits

Say Hello.

If you want to reach out please feel free, you can contact us @ farm ers@mossyhill homestead.com